Next move spain 1 wb pack

Elt: cuadernos de trabajo, practica y ejercicios
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Crystal-clear methodology and structure make the course easy to teach while providing students with clear and accessible goals. - Great cross-curricular content throughout the course provides realistic training in using English for other areas of the curriculum. Constant focus on real world connections and profiles giving students access to fascinating cross-cultural content and studies of their peers around the world. - Comprehensive training in 21st Century skills and competences such as information literacy critical and creative thinking or collaborative work. Next Move: MyEnglishLab provides interactive activities and powerful online tools to get the most of the course outside class providing students with instant feedback and automatic marking and teachers with diagnostic tools to see how students are progressing and identify which areas need extra attention. Next Move: eText+ features great digital content delivered online to any device or downloadable to a tablet. It includes all the coursebook material with integrated audio extra web links and great interactive activities with immediate feedback and results that can go to you schools learning platform.